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Books Available For Sale

North Frontenac Historical Society & Archives and the previous organization of Clarendon & Miller Community Archives have produced a collection of local history books that are available for purchase. These make wonderful gifts for friends and family members with ties to the Township or those who want to learn more about the area.


Books are available at The North Frontenac Township Office, Plevna Library, Lookout Building Centre, Milligan’s Meats (Cloyne) and Shamrock Bakery ( in summer). We would appreciate your support in recommending these books to others as this is our main funding source.


Contact Brenda at (613) 479-0586 or to arrange purchases.

Away Back In Clarendon and Miller

Charles A. Armstrong

This book is the initial research compiled about the early townships of Clarendon & Miller (CMCA). Charlie’s work was the stimulus for the founding of the CMCA in 2006 and has served as a reference for many other books produced by CMCA and the North Frontenac Historical Society & Archives. This is a record of the evolution of a vast tract of forestland to the site of lumbering activities, to farming communities and the as a tourist area. The book describes the history and activities of many pioneer families in the early years.


This book is out-of-print with no digital copy available, making it a valuable keepsake.


Memories of General Stores in North Frontenac

Clarendon & Miller Community Archives

This 70 page book is a collection dedicated to the store owners who chose North Frontenac for their business. The book was produced in collaboration with the 10th Anniversary celebration of Clarendon & Miller Community Archives. It was inspired by the public response to the research display of the General Stores material at a public event where the community hall was staged as a General Store, original family owners served on a panel for discussion and guest speaker, Mary Cook wittingly described the running of a general store. ($20)





Lodges: Past & Present in North Frontenac

Clarendon & Miller Community Archives

This 300+ page book is dedicated to 64 lodge and housekeeping cottage owners who chose North Frontenac for their business. The research material included hundreds of photos and many stories from American visitors as well as the lodge owners. A celebration in the community hall highlighted the research, allowed lodge owner families to participate in a panel discussion and Neville Wells, as guest speaker and entertainer shared his family experiences of owning one of the local lodges.







Historic Tours of North Frontenac

Clarendon & Miller Community Archives

CMCA with summer students completing the graphic arts and layout, produced a guidebook, Historic Tours of North Frontenac, to preserve and protect the early historical heritage. The guidebook provides a "guided" tour, in person, if driving, cycling or walking OR a virtual tour if accessing the book through the website. During the project, students hired by the Township for CMCA, designed the first 10 historic signs; these signs were installed at landmarks of historical significance such as former cheese factories, sawmills, stores and lodges. Other signs were installed by the Township in 2019. In addition, the first annual bus tour using the guidebook, was conducted in July 2018.


Camp Kasawamak

Historic Tourbook

This 80 page book describes a Boys’ Camp owned and operated by Joe Tobin and his family (1935-1964). From the Historic Tourbook published in 2017, American readers and visitors to the area identified the small section in the book about Camp Kasawamak and indicated they had been campers there. With help from the Buffalo New York former campers, considerable material was compiled; the book was published in the fall of 2018. 


Memories of the Farm

North Frontenac Historical Society & Archives

A 340-page coloured book which documents farms and specifically- barns, this book pays tribute to early settlers’ families who accepted the challenge to establish a farm homestead on land now known as North Frontenac Township. The NFHSA understood the sense of urgency to record these historical structures which are disappearing from the landscape. The memories and photos shared by community members adds an emotional component that NFHSA was privileged to record for future generations.


Recollections of Clarendon-Miller Township

Andrew J. Armstrong

In 2021 NFHSA was granted permission by the Armstrong family to reproduce Andrew Armstrong’s Recollections of ClarendonMiller Township with a publisher edition. It includes an additional section about Schools that was not previously published.


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