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Ardoch United Cemetery

5984 Ardoch Road, Ardoch Ontario


This cemetery on NER Lot 27 was located on property issued to William Hayes in 1861 and patented by J. Henderson in 1888. It was known as the Methodist Cemetery in early years. The date of the establishment of this cemetery has not been found. However, Mary Deacon and John Stevenson, both of whom died in 1870, are buried here; therefore, the cemetery was established prior to 1870. Records of the Methodist Church in Plevna were moved to Denbigh when there was no minister in Plevna during the 1920s. These records were in the manse at Matawatchan when it was destroyed by fire.

Tombstones are not arranged in rows and columns and therefore, a “block” design is being used to locate specific plots. Explanations by locals indicated that winter conditions and rocks in various plots where caskets were to be laid, influenced the final resting places. There are stone markers, some with initials, some without. There are sections without markers, but records indicate that people maybe buried there.

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