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School Days in North Frontenac

North Frontenac Historical Society and Archives

School Days in North Frontenac


School Days in North Frontenac is a 269-page coloured book describing the school sin North Frontenac from early times until present day. The history of one-room schoolhouses is provided in details from the early establishment of School Sections with many examples from each of the three present wards: Barrie, Clarendon & Miller, and Palmerston/North & South Canonto. Maps showing the location of each of the early schools gives the reader a swnse of the geographical area covered. There are memories reported by one-room school teachers that give a vivid picture of school life in their days. The book highlights Clarendon Central Public School as the only surviving school in North Frontenac at this time. The final section of the book is devoted to the history of the secondary schools that served and continue to serve students of North Frontenac.

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