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Welcome to Canonto

                                   CANONTO VILLAGE

The Canonto area was settled in the early 1860s by the Cruse, Kirkwood and Shank’s families. The village had a sawmill, general store, post office, school, church and a shoelace factory, a small business that made metal shoe clips (operated by O.H. Lawrence).

                Canonto Businesses

Canonto Store

The store at Canonto (middle building) was a one-room log building with a walkway running from the store to a storage shed at the side, also built of logs. An annex was also built on in later years. The store was run by Charles Davis. The building pictured on the right is a residence.

The post office was operated separately from the store by Tom Burke until he moved to Ompah. It was then operated by Murvil Cameron and later by Allen Shanks.

Canonto Store by the Dam

 Another store in later years was operated where the present dam is located. This was a small store located where the fish hatchery was built. Barb Sproule recalls it being there about 1948 when she went with her mother, Grace Shanks.

Saw Mill at Canonto

Canonto  Church

In 1894 John James Stone donated one quarter acre on lot 32, Concession 3 for the building of a church, about one mile from the village. Services were held until 1967; then in 1972 the church was purchased as a private residence.

Canonto School

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