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Cloyne Pioneer Cemetery

1055 Little Pond Road, Cloyne Ontario

Prior to 2009 Cloyne & District Historical Society borrowed handwritten death notices from the 1880’s from the Methodist Church and used those to determine who might be buried in the location now known as Cloyne Pioneer Cemetery. There are only two tombstones remaining. There were wooden crosses, the replicas of which you can see in the cemetery and the original were passed to Cloyne museum.

The records were used and cross-referenced with the burial records that were documented in the other two area cemeteries- Dempsey on Marble Lake Road and the one in Northbrook. From there, the names not shown to be buried in either were presumed to be buried in the Pioneer Cemetery location. The original death records were destroyed by fire in a building that housed them back in the 1900’s.

Each cemetery page describes one of the following burial situations for individuals.

  • a tombstone is in place for the interred

  • a name is on a tombstone but the person is living

  • a marked grave in a known location

  • an unmarked grave in an unknown location

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