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Plevna/Ardoch Community Cemetery

6611 Buckshot Lake Road, Plevna  ON

This cemetery was originally called Holy Trinity. The land was donated by G.W. Dawson in 1890 and it was taken over as cemetery grounds at that time. It received approval from the Ontario government official in 1968. That year, an addition was acquired at the East end of the original parcel and designated as Part A with the new part being-Part B.

Part A was always designated as an Anglican Cemetery with no religious restrictions placed upon who could be buried there. With the addition of Part B, it was then considered to be an Anglican and United Cemetery. The East end of Part B was condemned by the Department of Health. The part which was accepted has been surveyed into lots which are available for purchase. Its use as a cemetery was approved by the appropriate Government official in 1989. Part B was opened on October 16, 1989. Official ceremonies were held May 22,1990.

Take note that Clarence Tooley’s wife, Irma Black was buried on the south-east corner of Part A in a plot not identified on the Plan.

Check out the research we have completed on individuals interred here. 

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