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Welcome to Robertsville

Robertsville Village

Robertsville was a company town that began as a site of an iron mine around 1880. It was named for H.C. Roberts of the mining company. The town site contained four housing units with two houses in each, a boarding house, store, shoemaker, sawmill, carpenter, blacksmith shop, daily mail delivery and telegraph service.

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Robertsville Businesses

Blacksmith Shop

Daniel Riddell worked as a blacksmith for the mining community. He trained with the former blacksmith and worked at Robertsville until the mine closed.

Sawmill/Shingle mill
Robertsville had a shingle/sawmill operated by David McManus. The mill burned in 1936; it was not rebuilt.

Robertsville Store

The mining company built a store with living quarters. It was operated by J.W. Douglas. The first post office was not in the store; it was run by William Dyer for several months in 1883. Then the post office became part of the store under Douglas then David Riddell. There was daily mail by train. There was a shipping agent and a telegraph service provided by the Great North Western Telegraph Company. When the mine shut down in 1885, the store and post office closed as well.

Robertsville Mine

There were two large ore bodies at Robertsville. The first was located at the Mississippi Mine (which they called the Lizzie) and the second 900 feet northwest at the Mary Mine. The mine officially went into operation in 1892 and was owned by the Mississippi Mining Company. The iron was of such high quality that it was the preferred choice for the production of Bessemer steel. The grade percentage of iron was 70.5. The iron ore is called Magnetite and it is the most magnetic of all the naturally occurring minerals on earth. It is black or brownish black with a metallic luster. Around 1880 a spur was built which connected the Mississippi Mine to the K&P Railway. The mine thrived until 1885, then the site closed; most residents left. Mining resumed again for two brief periods 1900-1901 and again 1918-1919. Then the mine closed permanently.

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