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Wilbur Cemetery

1261 Wilbur Road, North Frontenac

Wilbur Station was once a thriving hamlet with its mining, farming and railroad. It became the leading iron ore producer on the K&P. The K&P arrived in 1884. By 1888 it had about 250 residents. The hamlet of Wilbur was right on the border between the counties with the mine and some buildings in Lanark County and some other buildings in Frontenac County. 


The cemetery could be best described as abandoned and overgrown within a wooded area. It is located along Wilbur Station Road. There is evidence of several burials with toppled tombstones, sunken ones and stone markers. The tombstones that were legible by using crayon rubbings produced dates ranging from 1901 thru 1908. All markers were those of children. These dates match the records found about the operation of a store, a post office and a school. The mine closed in 1911 and the post office in 1913. There is no visible evidence of burials after that time.

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