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The families that have settled in the North Frontenac Township are very important to us here at the Clarendon and Miller Community Archives. 

Family Galleries Organized by Last Name


Back: Gwen Ackerman and Alfred Struthers

Joe Ackerman, Gwen Ackerman (nee Struthers) and Maude Armstrong (nee Hanes)


Rueben Albert, Emma and Barb

Emma and Rueben Albert



John Armstrong with Granddaughters Nada and Doris

Martha Armstrong and Winnie Card

Maude Armstrong (Hanes)

John Armstrong, Maude Armstrong (Hanes)


Alexander Badour, Mary Abigale Badour (Godfrey), Grandaughter (Lizzie), Marie Johnston


Sam Barton and Granddaughter Winnie Card

Sam, Mary and Bill Barton

Sammy and Lillian Barton

Sam and Mary Barton

Sam and Mary (Kring) Barton

Sam, Mary and Bill Barton, unknown, unknown and Allan Card

Sam, Gilbert, Lillian, Mary and Connie Barton

Olga Barton and unknown

Olga Barton

Sam and Winnie Barton

Sam, Lily and Frank Barton

Lizzie Barton and Gertie

Mildred Barton and Marilyn Dawson

Sam and Mary (Kring) Barton

Mary, Olga, Gilbert, Samuel and Lillian Barton

Mary Barton

Lily, Frank, unknown and George Barton

Lily Barton (Mrs

Mary, Gilbert and Olga Barton

Lily Barton and children

Frank Barton

George Barton, Mary (Kring) Barton, Annie (Barton) Clement, Charlie Barton, Sam Barton, Evylena (Barton) Card and Frank Barton

Charles Barton, Annie (Barton) Clement, George Barton, Evylena (Barton) Card and Frank Barton

George Barton

George Barton

Frank and Lily Barton

Frank Barton

Frank and Lily Barton

Bob and Lily Barton

Charlie Barton

Bartons at Sand Lake beach

Barton family at ranch

Barton sisters Evylena Card and Annie Clement

Annie Mary Barton and friend

Annie Mary Barton, Jaclie Barton, Winnie Card, Betty Barton, Lillian Clement and Sammy Clement

Barton family at ranch


Doris Betts (nee Struthers) and Ruby Smith (nee Badour)

Evelyn Betts


Alice Bray and Stan Elliott


Deck, Lucy, Pearl and Bill at Deck and Lucy Campbells wedding

Pauline, Jim Campbell and Elton White


Winnifred Card and friend Margaret Barrie

Winnifred and Marguerite Card

Winnie Card

Ralph Card and Ella Card

Ted, Richard card, dad, Jack Simmens, Jack Card Barb, Margaret Brouse Bruce Virkler

Ralph and Ella Card

Maude Reiley, Mary (Stalker) Card, Joseph Card and Mrs

Mel Card, Manson Kellar, Marj Kellar (Card), Ralph Card

Ralph Card and Ella Card (nee Ohlmann)

Maude Card and brother Ralph Card

Marjorie Card and brother Dick Card

Marjorie Card, neighbour and Betty Card

Marjorie and Mel Card

Marguerite Card and Gertie Barton 1920

Marguerite Card

Marguerite and Winnie Card Lavant Hotel

Marguerite and Winnie Card

Manson and Marjorie Kellar and Dick Card

Back: Allan Card, Sam Barton, Ellen Barton, Frank Barton, Laura (Kring) Williams, Maude (Kring) Lavoie, Mary (Kring) Barton, May (Kring) Hill and Fred Hill Front: Gertie Barton, Winnie Card and Frank Barton's children

Evylena Card, Sam, Mary and Charlie Barton

Evylena Card

Evylena (Barton) Card

Bertha, Barb, Betty Card

Allan, Joseph, Marguerite, Winnifred and Evylena Card at the Lavant Hotel 1930

Allan Card sawing wood

Dick Card and Phyllis Card (nee Kring)

Betty, Jack and Marjorie Card

Betty Card, Marjorie Kellar (nee Card), Manson Kellar and Bill Kellar

Agnes Kring and Marjorie Card

Joseph Card


Annie (Barton) Clement, Mary (Kring) Barton and Evylena (Barton) Card

Wallace Clement 1942

Wallace Clement and Winnie Card 1941

Wallace and Annie(Barton) Clement

Wallace Clement

Wallace and Annie (Barton) Clement and unknowns


John Gunsinger, Christine Gunsinger (Hermer), Mike Gunsinger, Lila Gunsinger(Ohlmann)

Mary & Elizabeth Gunsinger

John Gunsinger, Christine Gunsinger (Hermer), Child Mike Gunsinger

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