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The families that have settled in the North Frontenac Township are very important to us here at the Clarendon and Miller Community Archives. 

Family Galleries Organized by Last Name


Catherine and Anton Weiss

Weiss Family

Weiss Family


Ray White

Elton and Pauline White

Annie Martin White

Elton White

Coxvale School pauline Elton White

Elton Ray Edith Pauline and Wanda White

Elton and Pauline White as Children

Pauline and Elton White

Maybe Tom and Ray out west

Guy, Minnie Sullivan, Janie white, Howard cousins

Pauline and Elton White

Pauline and Wanda White

Pauline and Elton White

Pauline White and Willa Tooley

Pauline and Elton White as children

Ray and Edith on Wedding day

Pauline, Wanda and Elton White

Ray and Wanda White (likely Edith Pauline and Elton)

Ray White out west

Ray Edith Pauline and Elton White


From L-R Hannah Kring (Wood), Emma Tooley (Wood), Eda James (Wood), Mary Vannest (Wood)

Etta (Wood) James, Emma (Wood) Tooley and Hannah (Wood) Kring

Ira Wood and Nancy Wood (Andrews)

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