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The families that have settled in the North Frontenac Township are very important to us here at the Clarendon and Miller Community Archives. 

Family Galleries Organized by Last Name


Walker, Doreen and Joe Ohlmann

Walker Ohlmann

Walker and Ohlmann

Walker Ohlmann

Walker and Lila Ohlmann

Walker and Bill Ohlmann


Lila Ohlmann, Ralph Card, Ella (Ohlmann) Card and Grace Ohlmann

Theresa Ohlmann

Walker and Joe Ohlmann

Joseph Olmann 1889

Joseph and Bertha Ohlmann and Granddaughter Marjorie Card

Hazel Ohlmann

Gramma Ohlmann

Grace Ohlmann

Etta Ohlmann

Frank and Elizabeth (Ohlmann) Lepel and family

Harold Ohlmann, Mary Gunsinger

Joe and Carol Ohlmann

Ella Ohlmann

Elizabeth Ohlmann

Charlie, Lily and Charles Herman Ohlmann

Bertha Ohlmann, Tave Ohlmann and neice Marjorie Card


Bertha, Bernice and Joe Ohlmann, Frank Gorr and Walker Ohlmann

Elizabeth (lepel) Ohlmann

Charlie, Elizabeth, Joe and Leopold Jr. Ohlmann

Bill Ohlmann, Charlie Ohlmann's farm

Bertha Ohlmann and children Walker, Hazel and Octavia

Bertha (Gorr) Ohlmann

Allen Ohlmann small


Clairabelle Ostler

Gilbert Ostler


Wilfred Frank and Harold Perry

Mona Perry

June James, Freda Perry, Harold Perry and Bob Watkins

Joan Perry

Floyd Perry

Harold Perry

Bob Watkins and Harold Perry

Floyd and Paul Perry

Floyd Perry

Richard Perry age 17

Harold Perry

Joan and Paul Perry


Clifford Praskey


Ronnie Richardson

Minerva Richardson and her daughter

Norah Capeless (nee Richardson)

Margarett Richardson


Elizabeth Mundell (Ryder)

John and Elizabeth (Ryder) Mundell

Mary, Carrie, Nettie, Eileen Ryder and Mrs. Thompson

Christina Ryder (Campbell)

Jack Ryder and family 1937


Fred and Jean Salter


Seabrook family


Shanks home Canonto

Shanks farm Canonto

Stella (Sproule) Shanks and Elsie (Sproule) Joynt

Mildred Hannah and Joe Shanks

Ronnie Richardson and Joe Shanks

Marlene Shanks and Walter Cameron

Lizzie Campbell (Shanks)

Harold and Freda Perry (Shanks)

Janice Shanks and Norman Richardson

Floyd Kirkwood, Carl Hannah, Allen Shanks and Janis Shanks

Freda and her Mother Stella Shanks

Allen and Stella Shanks haying

Allen Shanks, Charlie McCullough and Janis Shanks

Allen and Stella Shanks and Florence and Cecil

Allen Shanks and Art Cameron mail truck in background

Allen and Stella Shanks

Stella Shanks, Marlene, Freda and Stanley (Joe)

June James and Freda Shanks

Marlene Shanks

Joe Shanks

Allen and Stella Shanks

Freda, Stella, Marlene, Stanley (Joe) and baby Janis Shanks

Freda Shanks

Elva Shanks (Hermer)

Allen and Stella Shanks

Freda and Marlene Shanks


William Sproule

William Sproule and his brother

Sproule farm 1932 sugarmaking

Stell Sproule, Lloyd Graham, Mary Sproule, Harry Ryder and Minerva Sprould

Roy, Murnie, May, Mary and Minerva Sproule, Sophia Kelford, Myrtle and Stella Sproule 1932

Roy, Aileen, Joyce, Emma and William Sproule

Mrs. John Mundell, Mary Allen and Emma Sproule

Myrtle and Stella Sproule

Myrtle Sproule

Myrtle Sproule

Roy Aileen Joyce Emma and William Sproule

Roy Sproule and team

Roy Sproule and team

Roy, Edward, Adam, William, Laurence Sproule and Mary Graham


Mr. and Mrs. William Sproule

Minerva Hannah (nee Sproule)

Minerva, Roy and Stella Sproule

Mary Willie Ed and Myrtle Sproule

Mary, Myrtle, Elsie, Stella and Roy Sproule

Joyce and Beverly Sproule

Jim and Mary Sproule

Laurence Sproule and Viola Kennedy

Mary Sproule

Mary Sproule

Mary Sproule and Sam Kelford 1933

Emma, Stella, Roy, William Sproule

Emma and Bill Sproule 55th anniversary

Back: Lois and Joan (Ed Sproule's daughters), Inez (Elsie Joynt's daughter), Bev (Roy Sproule's daughter) and Elva (Laurence Sproule's daughter) Front: Janis, Stella and Freda

Duncan Trombley and Edward Sproule

Emma Sproule (Ryder)

Elsie Sproule

Back: Roy, Mary Myrtle and Stella Front: Mother Dad and Minerva Sproule 1948

Adam Roy and William Sproule

Adam, Minerva and Roy Sproule

Aileen and Joyce Sproule

Adam Sproule

Allen, Stella, Janice, Marlene, Harold Perry, Freda, Emma Sproule, Harold Forest and Mona

Stella (Sproule) Shanks and Elsie (Sproule) Joynt

Stella Sproule

Roy, Aileen, Joyce, Emma and William Sproule

Myrtle Sproule

Emma and Bill Sproule 55th anniversary

Emma Sproule

Elsie Sproule

Laurence Sproule

Allen Sproule and Jimmie


Alex Stalker


Alfred Struthers

Sarah Struthers (Armstrong)

Nada McNeil (Struthers), Gwen Ackerman (Struthers), Joe Ackerman, Nelson McNeil June 9th 1943

Addie Long (nee Struthers), Sarah Struthers (nee Armstrong)

Janet Struthers (Brown)

Unknown Struthers

Unknown Struthers

Unknown Struthers

Unknown Struthers

Unknown Struthers

Unknown Struthers

Unknown Struthers

Unknown Struthers

Unknown Struthers

Unknown Struthers


Mrs. Thompson and Harry Ryder's girls Mary, Carrie, Nettie and Eileen


Badeu Gleuna Audrey Tooley

Bert Allen and Martha Allen (Tooley)

John and Melca Tooley (Lemke)

Luther Tooley and Emma Tooley (Woods)

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